I feel that there is a "whole truth" in our human need for beauty and calm, for hope and comfort, and art can help illuminate that place for us. My paintings are like large-scale tapestries of pattern, color, and rhythm. They express my love for beautiful textiles rich with exotic and emotional history.

The surface is an amalgam of hand-made acrylic paints from powdered pigment, vintage fabric, lace, and wallpapers that are then accentuated with airbrush, oil stick, spray enamel and metallic thread. I create "landscapes of pattern" using graphic design elements borrowed from the world of textile design (such as the climbing rose pattern found in old English chintz) and architecture (such as the iron work on a Venetian balcony). I express these images in palettes often inspired by their sources but at the same time reinterpreted in a modern, unexpected way.

My paintings are elegant remnants which evoke a sense of old world beauty and of something that has witnessed the passing of time. My technique creates a work of art that is both historical and contemporary in the overall effect.